Shrivardhan Biotech

Proud in partnering success and continuous growth
Shrivardhan Biotech established in 1997-98 by Hon. Appasaheb S. R. Patil and started with 4 acre poly houses under cut flowers.

Today the area under protected cultivation is more than 100 acre.
Flowers are exported to the great extent.

virtually all possible crops under protected cultivation are being grown at Shreevardhan.

“Quality = Shrivardhan“in the green house produce.
They can compete with anyone in the world in quality of green house produce.
Water is pumped from 9.5 KM and stored in tanks of 3 Million Litre.
This water is treated to have pH of 6.5

To control and monitor right quality of nutrition and irrigation water in terms of volume, frequency, pH & EC, complete computerized controlled irrigation and fertigation system supplied by Finolex PLASSON is used for the entire project.