Potato Success Story


Potato is a major cash crop in North Gujarat. Rabi Potato is grown in the same field after harvesting of Kharif cotton.

With the help of Horticulture department, we selected 18 innovative farmers from Shivpura Kampa near Gandhinagar to adopt micro irrigation technology. We arranged their visit to Lalpur Kampa village of Sabarkantha district for personal interaction with the farmers who were using our drip systems for cotton and vegetables.

Shivpura campa farmers understood the advantages of drip irrigation system and then decided to adopt drip systems for their areas. However high initial investment was an issue. So we contacted Union Bank of India and

Horticulture department and arranged one seminar in that village. Due to the mass quantity, Horticulture department sanctioned special grant for the subsidy scheme and Union Bank of India agreed for the funding of down payment for the drip irrigation systems and initially we got order of 170 acres of 18 farmer’s.

After that many farmers came and including second phase, we had installed the systems for 40 farmers covering all area of more than 400 acres.